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Ceramic Pro Salt Lake City

KAVACA® PPF Entire Vehicle Package

KAVACA® PPF Entire Vehicle Package

Ceramic Pro® Salt Lake City is your go-to place if you have been searching for clear bra! We are the Utah experts in clear bra paint protection film, serving the Salt Lake region, and surrounding areas. What exactly is clear bra or paint protection film? Essentially, clear bra is a nearly invisible, polyurethane film that covers the vulnerable parts of your vehicle, protecting it from rock chips. It is transparent and lightweight, but not brittle. Clear bra is highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and impact making it perfect for protecting vehicles. There is not much else you can do to protect your vehicle because clear bra is the ultimate in paint protection.

PPF protects your paint from scratches and chipping caused by the road debris out here in Utah. It is also resistant to corrosive contaminants, creating a line of defense against any chemical damage caused by bugs, bird droppings, and other outdoor elements. We offer a variety of PPF brands, it all depends on your preference and budget. Our Full Vehicle package is just that. With this package, your entire car is covered in paint protection film. Are you serious about paint protection? If so, the Full Car Clear Bra service is for you. This package protects the entire vehicle and is ideal for the car enthusiast! If you love your car, protecting it head to toe is the way to go. Your paint will remain unharmed and in perfect condition. If the Clear Bra coat is scratched just park your car in the sun or a warm garage and watch it self-heal in minutes.

☑ Full Front and Rear Bumpers
☑ Headlights and Taillights (pair)
☑ Full Hood and Trunk
☑ Full Four Fenders (wrapped edges)
☑ Front Side Mirrors (pair)
☑ Fog Lights (pair)
☑ Every Painted Surface Is Protected

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