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Ceramic Pro Salt Lake City

Americana Global® Detailing Gold Package

Americana Global® Detailing Gold Package

Americana Global's vision is to simplify the overcomplicated detailing market and offer an easy to use system that instills confidence every time you use their products. Americana Global’s proprietary car care system has been designed for professionals and car enthusiasts that strive for perfection, quality and time efficiency. Their products have been researched and engineered to the highest standard to achieve the best results on the market. Quality, excellent craftsmanship, and superior products! That is what you can expect when using American Global car detailing products.

Step 1, Prepare. Prep work is crucial in creating long lasting results. Our tested and proven products create clean slate surfaces that are ready to be transformed.

Step 2, Correct. Modernizing the paint correction process is one of our goals at Americana Global. Our cutting edge polishing system pairs compounds and pads for a straightforward process that achieves faster results.

Step 3, Maintain. Modern maintenance solutions that care and preserve the quality finish on any surface. Specially designed to work on modern protection systems like ceramic coatings, paint protection films & vinyl wraps.

Step 4, Protect. All vehicles need protective products that are quick and effective. Americana Global’s protective products enhance and protect the results on the flawless finish.

🥇 Maximum Clean, 7-8 Hours
✅ Deep Clean Exterior
✅ Deep Clean Interior
✅ 100% Hand Wash
✅ Clean Console, Dash
✅ Clean Door Panels, Vents
✅ Clean Tires, Detail Wheels
✅ Clean Windows
✅ Compressed Air
✅ Deionized (DI) Water
✅ Deep Clean Vacuuming
✅ Touchless Blow Drying
✅ Clean Door Jambs
✅ Plastics Restored
✅ Shampoo Carpet, Mats
✅ Deep Steam Cleaning
✅ Tires Dressed
✅ Clay Bar Treatment
✅ Engine Bay
✅ Paint Decontamination
✅ Glass Treatment
✅ Leather Treatment
✅ Odor Treatment
⭐ Save $100 When You Combine Any Ceramic Pro Coatings Package

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