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Automotive Detailing Packages

Americana Global® has a mission to develop products that ELEVATE detailing and make jobs easier, cost-effective, and simply put–produce exceptional results. Americana Global® proprietary 4-stage system equips our detailing professionals with chemicals and paint correction supplies that work harmoniously to help: Prepare, Correct, Maintain, and Protect.

  • Sport Package ($)

    🏆 Good Clean, 1-2 Hours
    ✅ 100% Hand Wash
    ✅ Clean Console, Dash
    ✅ Clean Door Panels, Vents
    ✅ Clean Tires, Detail Wheels
    ✅ Clean Windows
    ✅ Compressed Air
    ✅ Deionized (DI) Water
    ✅ Single-Pass Vacuum
    ✅ Touchless Blow Drying

    Americana Global® Detailing Sport Package 
  • Bronze Package ($$)

    🥉 Better Clean, 3-4 Hours
    ✅ Everything From Sport
    ✅ Clean Door Jambs
    ✅ Double-Pass Vacuum
    ✅ Plastics Restored
    ✅ Shampoo Carpet, Mats
    ✅ Steam Cleaning
    ✅ Tires Dressed

    Americana Global® Detailing Bronze Package 
  • Silver Package ($$$)

    🥈 Best Clean, 5-6 Hours
    ✅ Everything From Bronze
    ✅ Clay Bar Treatment
    ✅ Engine Bay
    ✅ Full Vacuuming
    ✅ Paint Decontamination

    Americana Global® Detailing Silver Package 
  • Gold Package ($$$$)

    🥇 Maximum Clean, 7-8 Hours
    ✅ Everything From Silver
    ✅ Glass Treatment
    ✅ Leather Treatment
    ✅ Odor Treatment

    Americana Global® Detailing Gold Package 

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