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Matte Finish Paint Protection Film

KAVACA Matte Finish PPF. This is the only way to really enjoy a matte finish vehicle. With matte and satin finish paints, once you put a scratch into a panel, it’s game over. The panel has to be repainted. Unlike gloss paint where you can polish out a scratch to make it new again, matte paint cannot be polished. This is the reason why having superior technology scratch-resistant matte finish PPF is so critical.  KAVACA Matte Finish PPF is much more resistant to scratches than paint. In fact, it protects not only from scratches and but also from rock chips and chemical contaminants. Most pebble hits will simply bounce and not leave a mark. If you manage to scratch a panel protected with KAVACA Matte Finish PPF beyond self-healing with heat, you simply have that panel of PPF removed and replaced and you’re good to go. This means your vehicle goes back to new again and you don’t lose resale value to resprays.

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  • Supreme Elasticity

    KAVACA® Matte Finish PPF offers more elasticity than other satin films. This make installation much more forgiving and is the reason why installers love working with KAVACA® PPF. More flexibility equals easier installation and therefore a better finished product.

  • Self-Healing

    KAVACA® Matte Finish PPF protects your original paint. It will self-heal from light scratches by a applying even heat to the affected surface. Self-healing is common on gloss films, but self-healing characteristics in a matte film can only be achieved with very recent high technological advances.

Why You Should Choose KAVACA® Matte Finish PPF?

KAVACA is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates as “armor”. That’s essentially the objective of any paint protection film. We’ve engineered all KAVACA PPF films to offer vehicle owners a high-quality, aliphatic polyurethane film, that holds up longer, protects stronger and produces an optical enhancement far superior to competitors. This applies to KAVACA Instant-Healing PPF and Matte Finish PPF.

Our paint protection films are designed to provide a microscopic, yet exceptionally durable shield against UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, bug splatters and of course – road debris such as gravel, wood and even small pieces of metal. When it’s professionally installed and maintained as directed, it can protect your vehicle’s headlights, clear coat, grille, side-view mirrors, carbon fiber, or vinyl wraps against rock chips and premature wear and tear for up to 12 years.

KAVACA Matte PPF provides a way for you to enjoy your vehicle while also investing in protecting its resale value. Every installation is linked to your car, truck, or SUVs CarFax Vehicle History Report. The service and warranty stays with the VIN, meaning it can be transferred to the next vehicle owner. While other manufacturers claim the same, we were the company that started the Appearance Protection Service reporting feature originally. We’re just getting started.